The Thomas W. McCormick Scholarship Fund would like to extend its sincerest appreciation to our friends and sponsors.  Thank you for supporting and recognizing our meaningful achievements toward international education for college and high school students.  We look forward to another successful year with your continued support.


Executive Board of Directors

Romina Nicoletti

International Relations Chair Rome,Italy

Nuccia McCormick

Chairman of the Board


Steve Naimoli


Michael Santucci


Denise Simmons


Giada Pinotti

International Relations Chair Rimini, Italy



Board Members

Anne Marie Hanson


Ian Brinkerhoff

President of

Youth Ambassadors

Coco Dawn Kempff

VP - Sponsorship

Dr. Marietta Glazer

Youth Ambassador Chair

Marla Lasine 

VP - Special Events

Massimo Reboa

IT Chair

Public Relations

Media Production

Advisory Board

Gina Hoff Past President

Mercedes Loy

Past Secretary

Alberto Ancidei

Howard L. Schwartz

Valerio Spinaci

Pat Riley

Matthew Rocco

Cindy Hiers

David Moore

Board at Large

Jerald F. Feinstein

Enrico Carducci

Trish Norman Figuerido

Brett Lindstrom

Olivia Sanchez