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Executive Board of Directors

Caterina Nuccia McCormick - Chairman of the Board

Nuccia McCormick

Chairman of the Board

Freddy Robaina - Headshot.jpg


Freddy Robaina

Steve Naimoli - Treasure

Steve Naimoli


Headshot at office.jpg

Massimo Reboa


Board Members

Jeannie Robaina - Headshot.jpg

Jenny Govert

Fundraising Chair

Jeannie Robaina

Education Support

Marla Lasine 

Special Events Chair


Patricia Woods

Event Support

Romina Nicoletti

International Relations Chair Rome, Italy

Kathy Lara

Cultural Affairs Chair

Tim Culberstone

Strategic Planning Chair

image 2_edited.png

Giada Pinotti

International Relations Chair Rimini, Italy

Stefano Fanfoni
Student Youth Coordinator


Catalina Avila

Sponsorship Chair

Juliana LaBonte

Marketing Coordinator

Tomas Romero

Public Relations Chair

Alicja Wielgus

Social Media Chair

Advisory Board

Alberto Ancidei - Strategic Planning

Andrea Ancidei


Gina Hoff

Past President

Gordon Haley Headshot.jpg

Lee Washington
Office Manager

Gordon Haley

Howard L. Schwartz

Patricia Riley

Michael Ficarro

Kris Doura

Paul Ceparano

Jenny Kaskel

Bruce Ross

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