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Membership and Donation


The Thomas W. McCormick Fund is Florida nonprofit organization named after Mrs. McCormick's late and loving husband who was an enthusiastic supporter of education, cultural diversity and international diplomacy with a purpose. Our youth oriented Scholarship recipients are awarded grants to travel abroad four weeks during the summer. They experience new cultural exchanges and often learn the language of the Country they are visiting. This is a lifetime experience that makes a real difference in their lives and teaches them the values of giving. In order to further our mission we offer several membership options.


Please consider one of the following:

Help us grow!

Student $ 25.00


Individual $ 50.00


Family $ 85.00


Corporate $ 250.00


Bronze $ 1,000


Silver $ 2,000


Gold $ 5,000


Platinum $ 10,000


Diamond $ 11,000 and up


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Please contact the Organization for Diamond Membership Option.

Please note that this option is a life time membership.

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